The inkey list has just launched their first hair care line 

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The Inkey List has just launched its first hair care line

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The Inkey List has just launched its first hair care line 

UK Brand The Inkey List has just launched a single ingredient focused hair and scalp care line which aims to hop on the growing trend of ‘scalp care is the new skin care’. The Inkey List recommends that we should be treating our scalps just as carefully as the rest of our skin!

The Inkey List hair care collection consists of 8 scalp and hair treatments with the same ‘hero ingredient’ theme as their skin collection. We’re taking the rules that we set for skin, which is that ingredients can have a major impact, and applying them to the scalp,” cofounder Colette Laxton tells Allure. “People’s skin-care knowledge is really high, but hair-wise, there’s less understanding. I think hair care now is where skin care was five years ago,” agrees co founder and lead formulator Mark Curry. “You don’t just cleanse your face, and you can do more than just shampoo your hair. You can really treat it.” 

If you would like to read more about The Inkey List hair care products you can click the link below to read the full story on Allure.

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