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Easily search for a specific product or scan the barcode while out shopping to see the ratings and reviews for that product.

Uniqueness rocks. My can’t live without product is someone else “nah” product

At Beauty Buddy we understand that we are all individuals, unique in every way. Our community thrives on being able to read all reviews, good, bad and indifferent.

Compare your Attributes to other Beauty Buddy’s for similarities then check out their makeup bag for other products that they love.


Beauty Buddy’s Loving the App


It’s a cool little community where we can all share our thoughts and opinions on products. I’m really enjoying other people’s thoughts and opinions on different Beauty products.

Tara Makeup



If you are in search of real, honest and independent reviews of products, download the Beauty Buddy app from the App Store or Google Play Store and then come follow me!

Karen Constantine


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