Beauty buddy

Solving an everyday problem by simply providing you with the product information you need to make an informed decision.



Beauty Buddy makes finding the information you need about a product easy.

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So Simple

Scan the barcode of a beauty or cosmetic product or search by product name.

Beauty Buddy will provide you with the information that you need including directions of use, ingredients, tutorials, ratings and reviews.



All of our reviews are generated by Beauty Buddies within the app.

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 Our Beauty Buddies

Every new user joins our amazing community of Beauty Buddies.

Unsure about a product? Why not look through the product reviews to help you decide.



Add any new purchases to your virtual makeup bag


 Have or Want?

If you ‘Have’ products why not add a review so that other Beauty Buddies can benefit from you experience.

Add products to your ‘Want’ list if you are considering purchasing them, a reminder for when you are shopping.

Beauty Buddy will share discount codes for your ‘Want’ products when available.



If you are a Beauty or Cosmetic Brand we would love to hear from you

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