Would you try a clear foundation? 

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Would you try this clear foundation from BECCA?

Would you try this Zero pigment foundation From BECCA? 

The new BECCA Zero pigment foundation has hit the market and it’s definitely raised some eyebrows. How could a foundation work if it has no pigment? Well the BECCA Zero foundation aims to give a ‘matte transparent finish while hydrating and blurring blemishes to give the appearance of flawless skin. The foundation will be available to buy on Cult beauty UK where there is already a wait-list of beauty lovers dying to try it out for themselves!

There will be two products launching in the Zero pigment line, one will be a clear foundation and the other is a clear highlighter! The highlighter aims to give a fresh skin glow with a glass sheen to the skin. Cult Beauty describes the clear foundation as “intensely blurring makeup with plenty of hydration from Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid.” You can watch Cult Beauty’s Video about it here.

If you would like to try this product you can sign up for the foundation wait-list here on Cult Beauty.

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