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Kylie Jenner’s makeup bag?

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What’s in Kylie Jenner’s makeup bag?

Kylie Jenner has just posted a video taking her some 9 million Youtube subscribers through what she has hidden in her handbag (and up her sleeve in so far as un-released makeup and skincare products go). 

Kylie starts off by chatting about her lack Birkin bag which her mother Kris advised her to buy as an investment piece. The video takes place in Kylie’s closet which does appear to look like a mall. Like anyone Kylie ofcourse has a few random things in her handbag like a stuffed toy and a Kylie Jenner Uno Game. She also has some handbag staples like chewing gum, sunglasses and a phone charger. 

Then Kylie gets on to the fun stuff, her unreleased Cosmetics. The first item which hasn’t hit the market yet is a Kylie Skin Hand Sanitiser. Next item is a launch card for a hyaluronic acid serum which launched yesterday the 18th of September. Next she takes out her Nude Lips perfume from her KKW Perfume Collections. Kylie then whips out some Kylie Skin silk hair scrunchies and an Ulta exclusive product coming in October a Kylie Cosmetics plumping lipgloss. 

Kylie finishes off the video by showing ov=ff the Kylie Cosmetics face coverings in her bag and another 10 staple lip products from Kylie Cosmetics.

Check out the video for yourself by clicking play!

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