Why you should include vitamin e in your skincare routine

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Why you should include Vitamin E in your skincare routine:

Vitamin E is an oil soluble antioxidant which is beneficial to skin as it helps protect against damage to your skin caused by free radicals. Without getting too scientific, free-radials are in the air and environment all around us and are on a mission to become chemically stable. Becoming stable means that they can take an electron away from anything it comes into contact with which in this case is our skin proteins, DNA, connective tissues in skin and cell membranes. This is bad news for our skin when exposed to everyday free-radicals which can come from sun exposure and air pollution. 

Another benefit of Vitamin E is that it has moisturizing and healing benefits which can help to strengthen the skin’s barrier function. As with all skincare however Vitamin E is not a one-size fits all ingredient. It is not advisable to those who may have very sensitive or oily/acne prone skin. It is always wise to patch test new skincare ingredients on a small area before use to prevent something potentially irritating your skin. 

For many there are great benefits to using Vitamin E and even more when paired with Vitamin C as they can work as a pair, teamwork really makes the skin glow right? 

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