Veronique Gabai

discovery set

Product Review

five stars

Image from: Veronique Gabai


Flowers can be tender or dangerous. They are always seductive.

  • Noire de Mai, sensual and mysterious 
  • Souvenirs de Tunisie, tender and exotic
  • Jasmin de Minuit, elegant and seductive
  • Lumiere d’Iris, regal and radiant

And of course, the boosters, Eau du Jour and Eau de la Nuit, to play and personalize the fragrances, should you want it. 

Add Eau de la Nuit to Jasmin de Minuit for a darker shade of seduction. 


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five stars



Can’t get over how nice these scents were, tried each one and they all lasted a whole day and got many compliments wearing them such strong long lasting fragrances! Eau de la nuit was definitely my favourite!

four stars


I really like the smell of this perfume, it’s not too strong. A beautiful musk. I would 100% purchase this! Also I love the gold packaging that the perfume comes in

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