How to shift your skincare from summer to Autumn

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Tips and Tricks to shift your skincare routine from Summer to Autumn

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Tips and Tricks to shift your skincare routine from Summer to Autumn

With the changing seasons naturally will come changing weather therefore new conditions for your skin (body and face) to adapt to. In order to avoid dry or irritated skin it’s best to look at swapping around some skin care products in your routine. Below are some tips to make the transition a smooth (and moisturising) one. 

1. Try a richer facial moisturiser: Look out for cream moisturisers with ceramides and other ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Avoid gel moisturisers which can be lighter meaning they may not offer as much protection against harsh conditions on the skin. Check out CeraVe’s Moisturizing Cream which is rated 5 stars on Beauty Buddy. 

2. Make sure to moisturise the skin on your body: Don’t neglect the skin on your body as it’s not immune to irritation due to the changing seasons! Make sure to moisturise after a bath or shower to avoid dryness and give skin a real treat. Check out Sanctuary Spa Body Lotion which is rated 5 stars on Beauty Buddy.

3. Exfoliate less: In particular cut back on chemical exfoliation here. Use less than you would normally and reduce the amount of robust ingredients which are applied to the skin. Examples of ingredients which should be used less: retinoids and glycolic acids. While you don’t need to cut these out altogether it is useful to bear in mind the toll changing weather may already have on your skin. 

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