Rihanna’s Fenty skincare to launch at the end of July

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Image credits: evoke.ie

THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Fenty Skincare is launching at the end of July!

Although Rihanna hasn’t yet given a date for the release of her new music, she has confirmed that Fenty Skincare will be launching on the 31st of July. She is quoted as replying to a fan’s tweet that her skincare is genderless and suitable for all. This continues in the same vein as her makeup like which is renowned for its inclusivity to all skin shades and types. Over 151,000 have already followed the new Fenty Skin Instagram to stay up to speed with details as they emerge. Rihanna has posted a quick look at some products on the new Instagram while going through a skincare routine which looks to be a foaming facial wash, toner and moisturizer (she isn’t giving much away though) you can check out that video here.

You can sign up to fentyskin.com to get early access when the collection is released on the 31st of July or you can click below to read the full story on allure.com! 

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