The latest Urban Decay Palette is launching this week

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Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Palette is launching this week

Image credits: Urban Decay

The Urban Decay Stoned palette will have you ready to radiate Good Vibes

First things first the packaging of this palette is amazing with the crystal in-lay on the front of the box. Now that the main way to show off your new makeup is some dazzling eye above your mask, this palette seems like the perfect way to do it! 

The palette has 12 shades and a mixture of 4 autumnal matte shades and 8 sparkly gemstone infused shades with real tourmaline gemstones to block out bad vibes. Tourmaline is historically said to be a “magic” stone that is capable of protecting whoever wore it. Whether you are into crystals or not you will love the colours in this palette as they are perfect for the party season (whatever it may look like this year). 

The Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Palette will be on sale from Monday 14th of September in Arnotts and on their website

If you would like to read more about the Urban Decay Stone Vibes PAlette and the full collection click the link below to check out 

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