Beauty Buddy Awards 2022

The Beauty Buddy Awards 2022

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Mini Blog

We’re glad to announce the winners of The Beauty Buddy Awards 2022 of the categories: Cleanser & Toner, Lip Balm, Body Moisturiser, Self Tan, and Serum & Oils.

For the category Cleanser & Toner

The Highly commended is Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water For Sensitive Skin, and the winner is CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser.

The cleanser is an essential step in your skincare routine due to the fact that the cleanser helps to remove old skin and impurities and also prepares your skin for the products that you would be using during the day.

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, created with dermatologists, CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser is a gentle face wash with ingredients like ceramides and hyaluronic acid that work to restore the skin’s natural barrier to help the skin lock in moisture.

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser was designed to cleanse and refresh the skin without over-stripping it or leaving it feeling tight and dry.

Winner Cleanser & Toner

For the category Lip Balm

The Highly commended is Vaseline Lip Therapy Original, and the winner is Burt’s Bees Moisturising Lip Balm.

Lip balms are as important as a good face cream. These protect, nourish and repair the skin of the lips, the skin of the lips is very thin and sensitive, it is not only advisable but also necessary that you take care of them.

Burt’s Bees Moisturising Lip Balm nourishes and makes your lips feel luxurious. Infused with power-packed Beeswax to condition skin and antioxidant Vitamin E to richly moisturize and soften lips, this lip balm nourishes dry lips while keeping them revitalized and hydrated.

Winner Lip Balm

For the category Body Moisturiser

The Highly commended is Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion, and the winner is CeraVe Moisturising Cream For Dry to Very Dry Skin.

The moisturizing body cream protects the skin from dryness and improves moisture retention. Hydration is the most important care you can give your skin to keep it looking beautiful and healthy.

CeraVe Moisturising Cream For Dry to Very Dry Skin, developed with dermatologists and suitable for dry and very dry skin on the face and body, this rich, non-greasy, fast-absorbing moisturizing cream features our patented MVE Delivery Technology to release a steady stream of moisturizing ingredients throughout the day and night.

Winner Body Moist

For the category Self Tan

The Highly commended is Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam, and the winner is BPerfect 10 Second Tan Self Tanning Mousse.

The tanners are a safe and harmless way if you want to get a perfect tan. By using self-tanners, you are not exposed to UV light, which causes radiation that damages and sometimes causes skin cancer

BPerfect 10 Second Tan Self Tanning Mousse, developed with aloe vera and soft notes of Coconut this lightweight tanning mousse nourishes and moisturizes, gliding over the skin for a flawless even tan.

Winner Self Tan

For the category Serum & Oils

The Highly commended is Bio-Oil Skincare Oil, and the winner is Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate.

Using serum allows you to correct a specific skin problem, they are water-based treatments that contain a much higher and more powerful concentration of active ingredients and nutrients, such as vitamins C and E.

Lancôme Advanced Génifique serum, inspired by microbiome science, restores healthy, younger-looking skin. Our serum helps to strengthen the skin barrier to defend skin against external stressors: pollution, cold, dry weather, masks, and temperature changes.

Winner Serum & Oils
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