Ten Self-Tanning Tips!

by | Aug 23, 2022 | Mini Blog

What is self tan and why was it created?

Self tan was discovered by Eva Wittgenstein (a researcher at the University of Cincinnati) while she was working in a children’s hospital. As she was conducting a study she found that when the medicine splattered it stained the patients body but not clothes. 

Self tanning is great because it is an easy, inexpensive, non time consuming way of tanning without the damage of the suns UV rays!

There are lots of self tan lovers in our beauty buddy community so here we have compiled a collection of top ten tanning tips!

Tip No.1: Exfoliate 24 Hours Before Tanning! This helps remove dead skin cells revealing the fresh skin underneath. This means you will have a more even tan for longer.

Tip No.2: Always Use A Tanning Mitt! For a streak free, flawless finish and stain free hands.

Tip No.3: Avoid using deodorant before tanning, you dont want a sticky base layer when applying, it can also cause your tan to turn green and make it hard to remove.

Tip No.4: Always wait the recommended time before dressing after applying tan. We also recommend to wear dark clothes (in case of stains) and loose clothes (as any tightness can cause a blotchy finish).

Tip No.5: Wash your tan off in a cooler than usual water temperature and don’t use any strong soaps or scrubs.

Tip No.6: Remove all tan with a tan remover before applying a new layer as you want a clean fresh base  to start with.

Tip No.7: It is important to keep your skin moisturised and nourished before tanning, it leaves a smoother finish!

Tip No.8: You can tan naturally whilst wearing fake tan!

Tip No.9: ALWAYS wear sunscreen! Even if your tan has spf in it we still recommend wearing sunscreen as it can wear off fast!

Tip No.10: Choose the right tan for you… this is what Beauty Buddy is here for!!!

Check out Beauty Buddy for reviews to find the perfect self tan for you based on your own personal skin type!

BAHAMA BODY By Terrie McEvoy Self-Tanning Mousse Dark lauraheffernan_ says: Unreal! I had so many of my friends recommended this tan to me, so I decided to give it a try a month ago! Easy to apply and the finished look is very good! The shade is the perfect tan colour it’s not orange which is such a plus and the tan lasts for a week until it wears off which is brilliant especially when if your’e going on a holiday or special occasion! So affordable €10! Can’t go wrong! Definitely recommend this to anyone!  BARE BY VOGUE WILLIAMS Self Tan Foam Medium RishFC says: Brilliant. Love this product. Really easy to apply and goes on evenly. Such a nice natural glow. Fades nicely and doesn’t go patchy. I much prefer this than the lotion as I find the lotion difficult to remove.    BPERFECT 10 Second Tan Self Tanning Mousse Dark Watermelon Toniidunne says: By far the best tan I’ve used in a long time. Love the natural color it gives off. I’ve used so many different tan from being super orange or patchy and just not applying to the skin nicely but this one is my favorite by far.


Take your tan to the next level with these Vita Liberata tips from experts! Check them out here!

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