Savvi Sand

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About the Brand  

SavviSand is the new ‘must-have’, reusable, chic beach accessory.

Towelling off wet sand is sore and scratchy. SavviSand dries sand instantly, sweeps it off effortlessly, leaving skin soft, smooth and soothed!

With a 100% natural formula, SavviSand also serves as an insect repellent.  Anti-Fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory, it is perfect for children and adults. 

Made with natural, non-toxic ingredients, SavviSand is an eco-friendly approach to sand removal. A sleek and facile design allows it to be transported with ease – the perfect beach bag accessory. 

A reusable, one-time purchase, SavviSand is an investment for life. A chic beach accessory, Savvisand is at home on the beaches of Australia and Dubai, as it is on the beaches of Denmark and Ireland. 

Savvisand is packaged in a petite, zip bag, making it easy to transport in suitcases, bags, or even in a car compartment. It is the ultimate beach accessory for sand-removal.

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