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As a member of our sampling squad you will get access to test out products from brands that are on the app. We will send you products from brands to test out and review that suit your profile.  Brands want honest feedback from our samplers and if you think you’re the perfect person to do just that it is easy to become a member of our Sampling Squad. Simply download the Beauty Buddy App and review 10 or more products. Once that is complete, fill in the Sampling Survey in the app and we will send you products tailored to your needs! 

The App

Find Brands

Search by brand or product names to see honest reviews. 

Virtual Makeup Bag

Our virtual makeup bag lets you put all your products in one place, including products that you want to purchase and save for later. 

Become a Sampler

Joining our sampling squad gives you the opportunity to receive free products to sample and review

Scan Barcodes

Scan barcodes in the store to get access to instant reviews of the product. 

Your Profile

Create a profile to get access to our community of Beauty buddies to see what other users have in their makeup bags. 

Connect with your Friends

Build your beauty community of friends check out their makeup bags and read their reviews

See what our community is saying about products before you purchase.

Reliable, honest and just like you.

Our Beauty Buddies know the struggle of trying to find the right beauty products. Our Buddies pride themselves on giving the best reviews to help you make informed beauty decisions. Making sure your shelves are stocked with quality products that do what they claim to do. No more wasting money on products that don’t work for you. Your beauty routine and wallet can thank us later. 

Say Goodbye to Bad Beauty Purchases 

The below steps help you understand how to use the app so you can make the best purchase possible.

1. Profile

Create an account and follow your friends, favourite MUA’s and influencers. 

2. Search

Scan / search for products, brands and users for information, ratings and reviews and have a look into users make-up bags. 

3. Add/Buy

Happy with the product information and user reviews, choose the right product for you and checkout or click the “buy now” link.

4. Review

Rate and review your products. Add them your virtual make up bag and fill your “wish list” 

Beauty Buddies Loving the App

“It’s a cool little community where we can all share our thoughts and opinions on products. I’m really enjoying other people’s thoughts and opinions on different Beauty products.”

Tara Makeup

“If you are in search of real, honest and independent reviews of products, download the Beauty Buddy app from the App Store or Google Play Store and then come follow me!”

Karen Constantine - LovelyGirlyBits

Follow your friends and influencers to see what products are in their makeup bags

Never miss out on new products. By following your favourite influencers and friends on the Beauty Buddy App, you can look at their makeup bag to see what they use all the time. In addition, you can look at the reviews they made to see if they commented on a product you have had your eye but haven’t had a reason to purchase it, their 5 star review is a sign that you should! 

Join the community and see the trusted reviews of our members to help you make the right purchasing decision.



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