The Power of Beauty in the Hands of Your Consumer

Beauty Buddy is Your Digital Sales Assistant

When your store joins the app, your consumers can simply scan the barcodes or search for your beauty and cosmetic products in-store to receive product information, including “how to use tutorials”, ingredients and independent user reviews. The ability to immediately access product information helps your consumers make an informed purchasing decision.

An Instore Digital Experience for Your Customers

Beauty consumers are more conscious of what they are purchasing whether that is to do with sustainability, Vegan, Cruelty Free they are actively seeking out new products . Beauty Buddy helps them do that in the easiest way possible by scanning  the barcode of the product. Helping your customer to make an informed purchasing decision and having a great digital experience in your store all at the same time.

Tap Into Our Experienced Samplers

Launching a new product instore and unsure what consumers will think? Maybe you want to increase the visibility of your products. Whatever your needs, let Beauty Buddy get your products directly into the hands of beauty and cosmetic conscious consumers. Our dedicated samplers are passionate about all things beauty.

Benefits of Sampling

There are many advantages for brands to use the Beauty Buddy samplers and we have highlighted a few. 

Increase Reviews

Our samplers will post honest reviews on the product directly to the Beauty Buddy app. In addition, we will feature a product review blog with some of these reviews directly to our social media and website. 

Direct Interaction with Target Market

We put your products directly into the hands of your ideal consumers. Increasing the likelihood of them repurchasing the product if they like it after the sample has been used.

Increase Brand and Product Visibility

Not only will you interact directly with your target consumers and increase reviews, all this combines to increase your brand and product visibility.

Why Put Your Products On Our App?

  • Connect with your consumers in-store and online
  • Provide a safer way for your consumers to shop beauty 
  • Increase conversions with product information, how to tutorials and trusted peer reviews. 
  • Beauty Buddy provides you live, relevant and actionable consumer insights
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Gain access to user generated content
  • Utilize buy now links in the app to increase sales

Some of our Retailers

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Improve Consumer In-Store and Online Experience

Beauty Buddy’s innovative techonology can increase consumer in-store and online experience and engagement. By placing your products onto our app you’re tapping directly into our consumers in the “will I, won’t I” stay of buying. Consumers use our app to easily access brand and product information and the easier it is to access engagement increases. 


the % of lost sales in the beauty industry as the consumer has not get access to the information they need in that "Will I Won't I" moment in store


of global consumers indicate they trust online consumer reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how it works!

How does sampling work?

Sampling is simple! You will send your products directly to us and we will ship it out to our samplers. Once they receive the products they will have to use the product for 1-2 weeks depending on the product type. After the testing period, they will write a review on our app giving their feedback on the product. 

What will I get out of sampling?

We will provide you with a report on how your product did with our samplers and break down the reviews and ratings based on demographics. This will allow you to get a better understanding of your ideal customer. In addition, we will post product reviews from the samplers on our social media and write a post on our blog. 

Can we ask samplers specific questions?

Of course! If you have specific questions that you would like our samplers to answer in addition to leaving a review on our site we can send the questions out to them. Again, we would suggest waiting 1-2 weeks before we send out your product specific survey to give our samplers enough time to test out the product.

How much does sampling cost?

The cost of sampling depends on the amount of samples that you want to send as well as the type of product you will be sending out. Contact our Brand Manager through the below contact details and they will be able to give you pricing.

Why should my brand join the app?

We can provide real time insights and actionable data using consumers instore and online interactions in the app to help your brand understand your consumers and in turn help them make a purchasing decision.

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