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Beauty Buddy: Rebeccat95

My 3 favourite products on Beauty Buddy are:

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Luna by Lisa Leave in Miracle Hair Treatment

It’s a miracle worker and smells divine! My hair can get very knotty and dry after 2 days of not washing it but after trying this product I have put in my hair twice a week. It helps brush the knots out smoothly and leaves my hair super soft! 

Palmer’s Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks

I have one year old twin boys, not a stretch mark in sight through my whole pregnancy until one week to go. Once I had the boys I was covered in them and this product was, and still is, a lifesaver. My stretch marks have gone down so much and it also gave me super soft skin. 

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BPerfect 10second Tan Dark Watermelon

My favourite tan at the minute! I can be iffy with fake tans, I don’t go for lotions but this mousse is lovely. I apply it in small circular motions and can see a lovely colour straight away. 

Rebecca’s Instagram handle is @itsatwinlife19 be sure to give her a follow! 

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