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Origins began by looking at beauty differently, seeing the world as a precious resource rather than something to be exploited. And so they set out on a journey to fuse the power of nature with the potency of science to bring a new skincare vision to life.

 Along the way they learned new things about theirselves and found answers to questions they never thought to ask, gaining strength in the knowledge that the outer beauty is a reflection of the inner well-being. Their holistic approach extends beyond theirselves in order to give back to nature. Because only in sharing the gift of renewal they are able to continue the journey of discovery. Never Stop DiscoveringTM

For over 30 years, they have pioneered advancements in active natural skincare using their unmatched expertise in plant science and skin biologyThey identify nature’s high performing, sustainable plant, earth and sea-based ingredients, screening over 500 each year for skin-compatibility and bioactivity. Using breakthrough technologies, they unleash each ingredient’s full potential to create formulas that are simply transformative.

Their development cycle is rigorous and it takes over two years to develop a product. They refine formula after formula with one goal: To create uncompromising skincare that’s clinically-proven to deliver immediate and long-term improvements without any irritation.

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