Olay launches  more sustainable packaging 

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Olay launches refillable more sustainable packaging alternative

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Olay launches refillable more sustainable packaging alternative

As Olay announced earlier this year they would be making an extra effort to conduct their business in a more sustainable way. In the cosmetics industry which is very heavy on the use of plastic and single use packaging Olay is making the break to be more sustainable by introducing launching a trial run of re-fillable moisturiser pods. 

Back in June Olay announced it would be making changes in order to do their part for the push for sustainability. They have started with their best selling Regenerist Whip Moisturiser. As of now you can buy a refillable plastic jar alongside the re-fill pod containing the moisturiser which will eliminate the waste of 2 jars and aims to reduce their plastic waste by 94%. 

The Vice President of P&G Northern Europe Katherine Newby Grant is quoted as saying: “Our goal is to find and adopt many more sustainable beauty packaging solutions, and Olay’s refillable package is just the first step. We’re on a journey when it comes to helping make beauty more sustainable and we’ve certainly made progress, but there’s lots more we can, and are doing, to help us all reduce our impact on the planet,”. 

Olay has started that for every Olay Regenerist Whip Moisturiser Refill sold the brand will be donating £5 to the Young Women’s Trust an organisation which works to achieve economic justice for young women. Although it’s a small step, it is a move in the right direction toward the reduction of plastic waste and the negative impacts that it has on our environment.

You can click the link below to shop the Olay Regenerist Whip Moisturiser and Refill available from Amazon.com. 

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