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My 3 favourite products on Beauty Buddy are:

Carter Beauty Supreme Gel Liner

Image from: Carter Beauty

Carter Beauty Supreme Gel Liner

Love it! I really love this eyeliner. I kindly was gifted it by Carter Beauty and I absolutely love it. I was using the inglot one but since I received this it’s my go to as it’s so easy to go on and the brush just makes it go on effortlessly. Really dark as well which I love. Big well done on this one!

Beauty Buddy Average Rating:

four stars
gel liner supreme

Image from: SOSU

SOSU Contour Palette

A must have! A must have for any makeup kit, it has all colours for contouring especially on the go. Different shades for different skin tones and blend seamlessly into the skin. I use the this all the time both for myself and on my clients.

Beauty Buddy Average Rating:

4.5 stars
luna by Lisa lipgloss

Image from: P.Louise

P.Louise Base

A NEED NOT A WANT! A must have for any makeup artists kit. This gives insane pigment to shadows and works as a smooth, even base for your shadows. It’s also great for cutting the crease and can be used under the eye as a concealer. I cannot fault this product, it has changed my makeup game completely.

Beauty Buddy Average Rating:

five stars

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