Nothing is worse than dry, peeling, and sore lips. It hurts, it’s unappealing, and it makes makeup application very unsatisfying. Thankfully, we are graced with the invention staple to almost every beauty routine… Lip balm!

❓Did you know…

Lip balm was first created and marketed all the way back in 1880 by Charles Browne Fleet! However, it is rumored that the origin of using a wax-based products to treat cracked lips traces to a women Lydia Maria Child who (unfortunately) recommended earwax as an agent to repair dryness (EW!!). I guess whatever works…

There are so many uses for lip balm in addition to its titular application. Of course, it is used as a means to treat and repair dry and cracked lips. In addition, it can be used to moisturise practically any area in need of care. For example, lip balms can be used as a spot moisturiser on the face, as a cuticle treatment, for calming stray hairs, and even more!

Below, I have collected a variety of highly rated lip balms and treatments from the Beauty Buddy app and my personal recommendations for your reference.

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Now let’s see these balms…

As you can see, there are plenty of options for all of your moisturising needs. Be sure to download and register within the Beauty Buddy app for more product recommendations!

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