How to layer acids in your skincare routine

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How to layer acids in your skincare routine (it’s simple we promise)

If  like us, you have seen the dizzying array of scientific skincare ingredients that seem to have sprung out of nowhere, you could do with a guide. So here it is;

AHA’S are water soluble and shed dead skin cells which also helps in promoting collagen AHA’s suit dry skin type. They also help brighten a dull complexion. Glycolic acid can be used to shed dead skin cells, moisturiser can then penetrate deeper into the skin. This results in skin being more hydrated. Lactic acid is a gentle AHA that is recommended to sensitive skin or people who are new to acids.

 BHA’S are oil soluble which allows them to travel deeper into the skin to unclog pores. BHA’s are popular in controlling breakouts. Salicylic acid is popular for acne prone skin and can also help to alleviate inflamed and red skin to brighten complexion.

 AHAs and BHAs can be safely used together. BHAs start the process of shedding dead cells while AHAs actually detach and shed the dead cells. Experts advise that an SPF of at least 30 is essential when using any skin acid.

 Acid (AHA and/OR BHA) a Moisturizer with SPF30.

Number one rule for introducing acids to your skincare routine: Less is more.

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