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My 3 favourite products on Beauty Buddy are:

Carter Beauty Full Measure HD Foundation

Image from: Carter Beauty 

Carter Beauty Full Measure HD Foundation

I chose the Carter Beauty Foundation because you don’t need too much of it and the coverage is amazing. Love this product so much!

Beauty Buddy Average Rating: 4.5 stars

gel liner supreme

Image from: PLouise

P.Louise Base Pro

The PLouise Base Pro because it is a game changer and lasts forever. I’d talk about it all day and still wouldn’t have a bad thing to say about it!

Beauty Buddy Average Rating: 5 stars 

luna by Lisa lipgloss

Image from: bPerfect Cosmetics

Bperfect BPerfect MMMMitchell Sub Zero Highlighter Palette

I love this palette so much for 5 reasons:

1. It works on all skin tones and skin types and there’s something for everyone. 

2. They work as unreal eyeshadows.

3. It lasts forever. 

4. It doesn’t break the bank.

5. It doesn’t go dry or caked in any way at all and lasts a hella long time.

Beauty Buddy Average Rating: 4.5 stars 

Kiva’s Instagram handle is @kivajamesonmakeup be sure to give her a follow!

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