Kate Somerville

Brand spotlight

About the Brand  

Female founder. Skincare trailblazer. Skin Health Expert. For over two decades, Kate Somerville has been treating skin and transforming lives. In 2004, after working alongside some of the world’s top cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists, Kate opened her iconic Skin Health Experts Clinic in the heart of Hollywood.

Today, she’s a trusted skincare expert for some of the world’s most discerning and photographed faces, people who make a living from looking their best. Kate’s ability to custom cocktail highly active ingredients with soothing essentials to visibly transform specific skin concerns is the art behind the science (and what keeps clients coming back!).

Image from: https://www.katesomerville.com/us/en/

Image from: https://www.katesomerville.com/us/en/

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