is beauty sleep a myth?

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Is Beauty Sleep a Myth? Check out what this Skincare expert has to say about it

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Is Beauty Sleep a myth? Check out what this Skincare Expert has to say about it

According to research carried out by Refinery 29 there has been a huge growth in interest in sleep and sleep related skincare products. For example Cult Beauty has seen a 121% leap in their sleep products category, this being skincare products that claim to either supercharge your sleep or to work overnight while you sleep. 

“Your skin is regenerating constantly and during sleep there is some evidence that points to enhanced skin turnover in the early hours, provided we are getting sufficient sleep,” said aesthetic doctor Dr Kishan Raichura, of The Lovely Clinic. “Our skin needs us to be asleep at night! Cellular regeneration depends on us getting sufficient sleep so this is a crucial consideration if we want our skin to be looking and feeling it’s best.” Essentially, we do need to be asleep, and getting good quality sleep in order for our skin to repair and recover. But we can’t necessarily single out certain conditions that are exacerbated or alleviated by sleep or lack thereof. 

As you may have already read in our article about ‘How to layer acids in your skincare routine’ which you can find here, there are some products like AHAs and BHAs for example that are better suited to night time use as they can make skin more sensitive to sun-exposure. In regards to the amount of sleep and how it affects your skin it is important to get enough rest in order to allow your body to have enough time to do the recovery work it needs to do. 

So in short YES beauty sleep is definitely a real thing with regards to skin and your wellness as a whole. So better get to bed early and catch some extra ZZZ’s. 

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