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Indeora was launched in February last year.  I had concerns about using traditional antiperspirants for awhile, especially as I grew up with asthma and propellants affected my breathing when applying aerosols.  I simply wanted to make my body care routine a healthier and more enjoyable daily experience, especially as your deodorant stays on a delicate part of your skin all day.


After a long conversation with my husband who is a medical doctor on the area of underarm care, I decided to go natural but I really struggled to find a natural deodorant that ticked all the boxes for me.


My husband grew up in India and I in Ireland so we both delved into research to experiment with native ingredients and get ideas from both Ireland and India’s approach to wellbeing and self-care for our first natural deodorant.  We love magnesium in Indeora. Magnesium is a renowned mineral for wellbeing and our magnesium formula applies easy as a light mist. It leaves zero residue and actively neutralises odour for up to 24 hours.


 Making our customer happy was always the main goal and every excited message we receive from a customer is another step in the right direction. I had a model contact me to tell me she was trialling our deo in a couture fashion show where she would wear a very expensive  Valentino silk dress. Silk is so delicate and she said at most shows she would never wear deo as she was so afraid it would mark the couture. Nobody wants to destroy a couture dress with a deo mark!

She told me that night after it didn’t leave a mark on the dress and she was odour free all night.


Given the current climate, there has never been a better time to detox and make the switch to natural underarm care. Our customers have not looked back and we love to hear their stories. We feel there is definitely a growing interest in Indeora and it was also the only natural deodorant to be nominated  in the 2020 British Vogue Beauty Awards for Best in Wellness. 

Our product is designed to last for up to 3 months, so it allows you lots of time to detox and enjoy a new healthy underarm care routine.  

Indeora is stocked in leading pharmacies and health stores in Ireland including Mc Cauley’s, Meaghers, Cara, Mulligan’s and Nourish Health Stores.

Eimear Indeora


Read some of the reviews of the Indeora Magnesium Deodorant Coconut & Vanilla the Beauty Buddies posted on the app!


I’ve tried countless natural deodorants since I first made the switch 20 years ago, and this one from is the best I’ve tried so far for several reasons.
💚It’s key ingredient is sea derived magnesium which actively neutralises odour without blocking pores or staining clothes.
💚It’s free from synthetic fragrances and is scented with coconut and vanilla which smells so divine you’d mistake it for a perfume!
💚It provides 24 hour protection and lasts up to 3 months.
💚It’s not tested on animals and is recyclable.
💚It’s propellant free so is suitable for asthmatics.

Skincaredunnethat Goodbye B.O Hello Island smelling Deo 🥥 This natural deodorant was a firsts for me I have tried salt and alternative roll ons but didn’t find them as good. This is a spray containing magnesium that keeps me smelling fresh and like a holiday Vanilla and Coconut all day (it flows between the scents all day I find) and no more blocked pores! Make sure to apply to dry pits and allow to dry again (this is important). No staining on any of my clothes including whites and if that wasn’t enough, as it is based with magnesium it’s doubles as kind of magnesium supplement for the body when it’s absorbed (which is great for relaxing the body). 1 bottle can last up to three months and is Vegan friendly 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
tipptom Amazing I’ve been using Indeora for a few months now. Amazing product, safe to use no harmful chemicals and it lasts for weeks. Nice small bottle to carry in your back pack and it smells so nice. I sweat quite a bit and found it difficult to find a natural deodorant that worked. This one definitely works.
Cat7 Lovely coconut smell Had tried quite a few natural deodorants before I found this one and I have to say that it is by far the best I have tried. I love the coconut smell and it really works even after a workout which is great!!

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