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About the Brand  

Human+Kind was born from a love of natural products, love for animals and a thirst for a healthy lifestyle.

It all began when our original founders Rene Van Willigen and Jeroen Proos were inspired by a conversation they overheard. The conversation centred on the numerous skincare products they had in their bathroom cabinets.

They talked about how they had products for almost every different skin type and ailment and discussed how chemically laden these products were. Furthermore, he heard them speak about the amount of money they had spent on all these products as well as how time consuming their beauty regime was.

Inspired by this insightful conversation the idea was born to create a Vegan, Cruelty-free skin care range that embodied my desire to help women look and feel good with products that multi-tasked, that were simple to use and had only natural active ingredients.


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