The 5 Essential Makeup Brushes For a Beginner

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Mini Blog

When I first started my journey with makeup, I found it hard to decide which products were essential for my makeup routine. I remember I just used eyeliner, mascara and some foundation. I would eventually used an old angled eyeliner brush that I had stolen from my mom (she never used it, by the way). Having said that, I know from experience how easy it is for a beginner to feel lost with the overwhelming variety of makeup brushes out there.

To help you make a better decision on which brushes to start your essentials, I’ve rounded up a list of the five key brushes that every beginner needs in their kit.

All-Over Eyeshadow brush

If you’re a makeup newbie, this is where to start. A medium-sized brush with a slight fan means it will help to apply the perfect amount of eyeshadow (not too much or too little) easily.

Honestreviewer07 says: Real Review. The brush is so soft and it applies eyeshadow so good. Amazing

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Eye Blender brush

Next thing you need to start perfecting that eyeshadow look is an eye blender brush. This does exactly as it says, blends out your eyeshadow. The long dome-shaped bristles fan out to diffuse eyeshadow pigments flawlessly.

Makeup_by_clo says: Best At Blending. This one of the best big blending brushes for blendung out your shadows. Blends so fast and so easy. You can’t go wrong with Blank Canvas brushes really but I much rather this brush out of all I have tried so far.

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Angled eyebrow brush

A flat angled brush makes it easy to draw on feathery strokes for a natural-looking brow.

Look for a short stumpy brush with tightly-packed bristles, this will ensure packing on product cleanly.

Megnchristeena says: Perfect. I found this brush to be absolutely perfect for my eyebrows. Weather you want natural brows or a full brow, this brush does it. Its thin bristles allow a hair like stroke and the angle makes it so much easier to apply. Picks up product so well too!

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Angled Face Brush

The Angled Face brush will help you contour small, slanted areas of your face. You can use it to apply a darker shade of foundation or bronzer, or you can use it as a blending brush for spot concealing in hard to reach or angled areas.

ismisemikaela says: Versatile Brush. This brush is so versatile in its uses! I use it for blush contouring and all over bronzing. The bristles are so soft and pick up the products so well. The bristles also wash really well.

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Powder Brush

The powder brush you choose will depend on what type of powder you’re using, but if you’re using a setting powder where you’re not looking to gain coverage, it’s better to look for a soft, fluffy brush. This way, you won’t be applying too much powder. Depending on the size of your brush, you could also get away with applying blush or bronzer with this type of brush.

Niamhcollins says: My favourite Double Ended Brush! This is a must for any makeup enthusiast, the hairs are made from Taklon hair which is vegan and super soft!

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