Aprinnova have discovered a new clean beauty ingredient

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Cosmetics giant Aprinnova have discovered a clean and sustainable alternative to Silica

Aprinnova is one of the leading suppliers of clean beauty ingredients worldwide. They are beginning the process of commercialising a plant based silica made from the ashes of sugarcane. This process is much more sustainable than the non-renewable process of sand dredging which also emits large amounts of cO2 into the atmosphere. The new ingredient which has been called biosilica also provides an alternative to micro-plastics which are also being phased out of beauty and cosmetics due to their harmful impact on the environment.

Biosilica can be used in foundations, creams, lotions and other products. It will be available on the market for cosmetic brands in August 2021 and allows brands to participate in the circular economy in which instead of products being wasted they will be reused or recycled. 

The demand among consumers for safe, high performing, and sustainable ingredients has led the trend toward clean beauty worldwide. 

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