Must Haves

Beauty Buddy: Colegaffneyy

My 3 of my favourite products on Beauty Buddy are:

Versace Yellow Diamond Eau De Toilette Spray

Image from: Rodial

Rodial Vitamin C Drops

THE NICEST DROPS EVER! These drops – can’t say enough about them, I apply 2-3 drops usually in my nighttime routine and let them soak in overnight, you wake up with a beautiful even complexion and glow from the gods! Best used before moisturiser application

four stars
 Essence Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss

Image from: Rodial

Rodial Vitamin C Moisturizer Spf30

The nicest SPF moisturiser that won’t make you break out! This SPF 30 moisturiser is honestly the best I’ve ever used. Yes it is pricey but for a reason it’s the only SPF cream that hasn’t made me break out/give me spots, it smells beautiful if you like oranges this is for you! Also gives your skin a beautiful glowy finish & keeps your skin looking refreshed & awake all day 

four stars
Dripping Gold Body Tune Instant Tan

Image from: St. Tropez

St. Tropez Watermelon Classic Mousse

The most amazing golden tan & fades so beautifully. This is one of my favourite tans, it’s an amazing golden tan just like when you come back from a summer holiday, it fades so beautifully no harsh scrubbing. I love applying x2 layers for an extra summer glow! beautiful glowy finish & keeps your skin looking refreshed & awake all day.

four stars

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