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Beauty Buddy: Ciaraw_makeup

My 3 favourite products on Beauty Buddy are:

Sara Clarke makeup
brow pomade

Image from: BBold

Bbold Xtra Dark Mousse

Best tan! So beautifully dark and never streaks! Only bad thing I could say about it is it turns green in the bottle very quickly in comparison to other tans but i still use it and I still get the same results!

Beauty Buddy Average Rating:

four stars
gel liner supreme

Image from: Cerave

Cerave Smoothing Cleanser

Live for this! Honestly I only have this a week and I can honestly say there is a huge improvement in the texture of my skin!

Beauty Buddy Average Rating:

4.5 stars
luna by Lisa lipgloss

Image from: Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Lightwand

Stunning highlighter! I’m not usually a fan of liquid highlighters but this is a game changer, a little goes a long long way!

Beauty Buddy Average Rating:

five stars

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