Chloe Koyce

Must Haves

Beauty Buddy: ChloeKoyce

 3 of my favourite products on Beauty Buddy are:

Sara Clarke makeup
Catrice Concealer

Image from: Catrice

Catrice Liquid Camouflage

This is my GO TO! I have tried many high end concealers and I always find myself coming back to this concealer! Super full coverage and super affordable! You can’t go wrong

Beauty Buddy Average Rating:

four stars
gel liner supreme

Image from: P.Louise

P.Louise Base

Love it! I love this shade for when I have tan on for under my eyes and as a base! Also beautiful on darker skin as a highlight under the eyes! 100% worth trying out

Beauty Buddy Average Rating:

4.5 stars
luna by Lisa lipgloss

Image from: Luna by Lisa

BPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival Palette

This palette is all you need! This palette has everything you need, whether you love to do makeup on yourself or you are a professional makeup artist, it contains a wide range of colours and textures! These can be used as both eyeshadows and face powders too!

Beauty Buddy Average Rating:

five stars

Chloe’s Instagram handle is @chloekoyce be sure to give her a follow!

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