Facemasks to match your fenty foundation

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Check out these face masks that match your Fenty Foundation shade

Image credits: shamiosun.com

Check out these face masks that match your Fenty Beauty Foundation shade

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line has established itself as one of the most inclusive makeup brands there is. With a massive shade range of 40 shades when it launched which later expanded to a whopping 50 shades the brand is a market leader when it comes to having something for everyone. Taking inspiration from the Fenty line Shami Oshun has designed Nude Fashion Masks. 

When Shami Oshun first launched her mask back in April she said she was receiving a lot of messages from her customers asking what shade of the Fenty Beauty foundation could she compare the shades of her masks to. Seeing the opportunity to open her product up to a wider audience by using such a well known brand to communicate which shade was which Shami ran with it and has figured out the Fenty shade match for 11 different shades.

Shami has hopes to grow the range of shades she provides even further to cater for all shades of nude. If you would like to shop the re-stock on Shami’s site click the link below to find your true nude mask!

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