Brow envy is no more! check out this latest tiktok brow trend

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Brow Envy is no more! TikTok Users are loving these Temporary brow tattoos

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Brow Envy is no more! TikTok Users are loving these Temporary brow tattoos 

Brow envy will no longer be an issue if you give these temporary brow tattoos a go! The latest  TikTok beauty trend is great news for those of us who have not been naturally gifted in the eyebrow area. Godefroy MyBrows Long Lasting Eyebrow Transfers seem to be one of the more popular choices amongst TikTok users. They contain a pretty standard mixture of colourants and adhesives much like the temporary tattoos you may have used when you were younger, you lie them down on clean dry skin and wet them with a damp cloth for a minute before peeling off the backing to reveal the design. The eyebrow tattoos are meant to last for 5 days, not bad eh? 

One of the highest viewed videos from the TikTok trend is from Linzor (@sailorlinzor) who has really put the product to the test by demonstrating the tattoos on her freshly shaved off eyebrows. Surprisingly the results are flawless and look like full and bushy eyebrows. 

If you would like to see more of these satisfying eyebrow transformations before you decide whether you would take the plunge just search #eyebrowtattoo or #tattoobrows on TikTok. You can also click the link below to read the full story on

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