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Body moisturisers come in many forms including lotions, creams, oils, gels and butters. If you have hydrated skin then a lotion may be your go to. However, if you have dry skin then you may want something that not only adds moisture but also locks it in and smooths the overall appearance of your skin. 

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The main job of a moisturiser is to supply a little water to the skin and then to hold it in. So water will usually be the first and main ingredient in these products. Some of the water will evaporate when you apply the moisturiser but some will soak in especially with the help of some of the following ingredients.  


Below, are a couple of reviews for some highly rated body moisturisers. Take a look at what these Beauty Buddies have to say about them.


    Kitty82 says: I like using this as a hand cream after washing my hands. It’s good on dry skin all over the body too. I like that it’s not overly greasy and absorbs well. It’s a bit more expensive than other lotions, but you’re paying for the antioxidants and other skin beneficial ingredients that most drugstore lotions don’t offer.

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    SOAP & GLORY The Righteous Butter Body Butter Xoangelxo says: Moisture 101. Perfect solution for dry skin anywhere on your body. Has an interesting smell, very strong. Can get quite addictive. I use it on my nose sometimes just because it works well.


    These substances create a barrier on the surface, a protective layer, stopping water and natural moisture evaporating from the skin, so they lock in moisture. Look out for products containing, silicones like dimethicone, butters (shea butter) and mineral oil.

    Beauty Buddy Occlusives helps lock in moisture
    Beauty Buddy Humectants Moisturiser Substances


    These attract water from the air and from deeper layers of skin and retain it. These include ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin.

    Imagine a sponge in action.


    These when applied to the skin’s surface fill in tiny gaps and cracks giving skin a smooth and soft appearance. Many of the best emollients come from plants in the form of butters and oils like squalane (which can now be derived from plant-sources like olives and amaranth seeds).

    Beauty Buddy Emollients Moisturiser Substances
    you may


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