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About the Brand  

Blinks n Brows is beauty with heart and soul and their mission is to create beauty products that give all women confidence.

The first beauty product ID Brows was created after the founder’s sister went through cancer. She saw how hair loss can affect some women and their confidence and she wanted to find a solution. So she put pen to paper and  designed a unique, easy to use eyebrow tool that creates, shapes and defines your eyebrows in seconds.

She started beauty workshops called “Brighter days beautiful ways” at cancer centres nationwide. Being a beauty therapist/makeup artist for the last 20 years, she felt she could help women create a look that they were happy with during a post cancer treatment. At these workshops the aim is to create a friendly and safe environment where women can relax and have some fun and laugh a lot.

At the workshops she spoke to many women about the non – medical obstacles that they come across going through cancer, one on how to create eyebrows, a lot of the offered solutions were difficult to use so she designed an eyebrow tool that works!

So what began as a solution for women who lost their eyebrows due to chemotherapy, it rapidly became obvious that all women who wanted the perfect brow could use the ID Brow tool ! Blinks n Brows is a cosmetics company set up in 2017 and they are delighted to be finally bringing ID Brows – a unique and easy Eyebrow solution to everyone.

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