Blank Canvas BC Solid Brush And Sponge Soap

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five stars
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The Brush and Sponge Solid Soap Caring for your brushes is super important-not only so that your brushes last as long as possible but also to prevent bacteria that can be harmful to your skin. 

The Brush and Sponge Solid Soap leaves your brushes and sponges like new! Moisten the soap with a little water and swirl the brush fibres (brush head only) around in the soap to form a lather. Rinse your brush in lukewarm water, ensuring that all soap residue is gone and the metal ferrule and handle do not get wet. Reshape your brush and lay out to dry.




five stars


It works

It gets them clean it’s that simple


five stars


The best!

Yyyaaaaaassssss!!! I love this product!!!! It gets all the foundation and creams out of my brushes immediately!! I have an enormous amount of brushes to clean on the daily and it’s time consuming but this product makes it so much quicker for me. And my brushes smell great!


five stars


This is amazing for washing your makep brushes, its quick andceasy tonise and cuts washing time in half! Brushes are so soft and fluffy after using.


five stars


Best brush cleaner

This is the best brush cleaner I have ever used.. It gets all the powders and creams out of the brushes really quickly.. Definitely recommend


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