Benefit Cosmetics

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About the Brand  

Benefit Cosmetics was founded by the Ford twins…two Indiana farm gals turned successful models & makeup artists. They moved to San Francisco to take on a totally new approach to beauty. In 1976, they flipped a coin… heads, they open a casserole cafe, tails a makeup shop. Thankfully it was tails (no offense casseroles)!

Growing up Benefit 

Who better to spread the legacy of laughter & fun than the daughters and nieces of the co-founders Jean & Jane Ford? Maggie & Annie Ford Danielson have beauty in their blood! The new generation of sisters officially joined Benefit in 2008 and have since become our Global Beauty Authorities.

Meet the Benefit Besties! 

Their iconic bestsellers are guaranteed to please, no matter your take on makeup! Natural makeup, full glam or something in between, we’ve got a beauty solution for you! They include a perfect mascara for every lash, Benetint, rose-tinted lip stain and brow products from brow newbie to brow pro.

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