Bellamianta Crystal Clear Rapid Tanning Mousse

Product Review

five stars
Bare by Vogue Williams Luxury Tanning Mitt

Image from: Bellamianta 



Crystal clear and as hydrating as water, this innovative rapid mousse is formulated to be as light as air, ensuring this product has a super fast absorption rate that will dry in 60 seconds and develop to a beautiful golden olive tone over 2-6hrs+. This will become water resistant and last up to 7 days with no transfer onto clothes. Crystal Clear is suitable for the face, giving a subtle glow for make up free days or a great base colour. 


One of the best features is that you can choose your shade… 2hrs light, 3hrs medium, and 6hrs+ dark. To achieve the darkest results leave on overnight.



five stars


Fab Tan 🔥

Love this tan it’s crystal clear so it doesn’t appear dark or streaky on the skin. Really recommend!

five stars


Love this Brand! 

I love the bellamianta tans, they’re all so moisturising and hydrating never dry out my skin or cling to dry patches. They leave such a lovely golden colour but if your new to tan I wouldn’t recommend this one in particular as it’s a clear tan, so hard to know if you’ve covered everywhere and have no streaks when applying.

five stars


The tan everyone needs!

I love to have a great tan, but hate the bed sheet stains that tan leaves on my white sheets, this tan is a DREAMMMM! No colour guide but easy to apply as you start from your feet and work your way up you can see where you have applied because it leaves a clear water looking effect! Dries within seconds and no smell off it! Can get dressed and head out for the day and not have to worry about it transferring onto your clothes! Will not be going back to other tans after finding this!

five stars


A really natural tan for olive skin.

“A really nice tan, applies well and dries instantly. No nasty smell to it. It develops into a lovely colour that lasts well. I have Asian skin and it looks great. However I still prefer to have a colour guide as I can see where I have applied it so there aren’t any patches.”

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