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Beauty Buddy: Becaryanmua

3 of my favorite products on Beauty buddy are:

SOSU Wonder Water Medium - Dark

Image from: SOSU

SOSU Wonder Water Medium – Dark

Love this tan and use it religiously! I found that there is a more even tan when you apply this with a fluffy blending brush because it can stain blonde hair if you spray it directly onto your face. It doesn’t last very long but that is the same with most tans on my face and I don’t even mind because it leaves such a natural glowing bronze the next morning!

Beauty Buddy Average Rating: 4.5 stars

P.Louise Acid Reign

Image from: PLouise 

P.Louise Acid Reign

Loved these brushes so much! They are so affordable also and are so versatile! I love that the angled liner is so thin and doesn’t fray when using it with gel liner and I also love the concealer brush, especially for cut creases. Overall can’t fault these at all!

Beauty Buddy Average Rating: 4.5 stars

NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss

Image from: NYX

NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss

The shade fortune cookie in particular is honestly the perfect balance between a pink and a brown nude that every client chooses with makeovers. I love them so much but they are always sold out so if you ever see this shade in store or online, pick up a few and thank me later!

Beauty Buddy Average Rating: 5 stars 

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