We at Beauty Buddy are thrilled to announce our first edition of the Beauty Buddy Awards! From the creation of the Beauty Buddy app, our team has worked tirelessly to bring our community the best collection of honest and quality beauty reviews. That being said, we have decided there is no better way to showcase this than by collecting and recognising all of our top rated brands. 

From skin to hair care, there are hundreds of wonderful brands cataloged and reviewed within Beauty Buddy and we would like to give them each the recognition that they deserve.

This time the Beauty Buddy Awards will be rewarding skincare products organised into the following categories:


Cleansers & Toner

Lip Balms

Self Tan

Serums & Oils

Body Moisturizer

How does a brand win?

To decide the winners, our team at Beauty Buddy will analyze the top rated products of each category. We will look for both a high average Beauty Buddy rating as well as a large quantity of reviews. This focus on both quality AND quantity of reviews aims to award brands that have been tested by a multitude of Beauty Buddies, and can give a more accurate display of what our community enjoys. As we collect our data, we will notify the highest rated brands that they are a potential winner, and allow them to encourage their consumers to submit more reviews. At the end of the awards period, each category winner will be announced and celebrated within the Beauty Buddy App, on each of our social media platforms, and within our website!

Be sure to download the app and follow us on social media for updates! 


 How Can I get involved?

To “vote” for your favourite brands, you can simply add a review for your favourite product on Beauty Buddy. Check out how to leave quality reviews here. Winners will be announced on 11th Ocotber, 2022 and you’ll be able to recognise them on the app by the award winning badge on the product’s image.

If you are a brand and would like to know  to know more about the Beauty Buddy Awards, please contact us.

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