BBold Smart Mousse

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five stars
BBold Smart Mousse

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bBold smart mousse has 3 simple steps, APPLY, SHOWER, DEVELOP and with this regime you will become beautifully bronzed while feeling completely fresh.

Simply APPLY using a bBold applicator mitt. Wait 1,2 or 3 hours depending on your desired colour then SHOWER, rinse off and moisturise. Then feel completely fresh as you DEVELOP, as if you are not even wearing tan.

  • No fake tan smell
  • No Stickiness
  • No transfer on to sheets
  • Kahai oil
  • Natural organic DHA
  • Paraben Free

With 3.2.1 colour control technology you can achieve your perfect colour, simply allow..

  • 1 HOUR for a softly sun-kissed look
  • 2 HOURS for a golden glow
  • 3 HOURS to be bronzed and beautiful


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four stars


Amazing for every day tan!!!

I love this tan so much, so handy to just throw on for an everyday tan. It’s not too dark but it still gives a lovely colour! I recommend 🙂

four stars


“A Magic Miracle”

I suffer from dry patches on my arm and find that this tan does not exaggerate these..instead it glides over smoothly. I also love the fact that you can pop it on and wash it off soon after.. leaving no awful smell! The colour pay off is gorgeous.. it can wear if evenly but around the usual places need a scrub.. a lovely natural colour.

five stars


My favourite 👏🏼

My all time favourite tan. I use this every single time I do my tan. It is so easy to apply. Never goes streaky. Does not transfer to clothes. You can choose how dark you would like it to be depending on when you wash it off. Also has such a nice holiday smell rather than a tan smell!

five stars



I hate sleeping in my fake tan when I’ve just freshly changed my bed because more times than not, I will have left a stain the shape of me on my sheet. This however, develops after washing it off. I apply, leave it on for 3 hours, shower and hop into bed without the worry or transfer. Beautiful colour payoff and no waking up to a bedroom that smells like biscuits!

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