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by | Sep 5, 2022 | Mini Blog

As the summer starts to fade away, we start to feel those summertime blues. We are not only slowly changing our clothes to warmer items but also our skincare routine too.

Do you remember that back in January you said that this was going to be your year? Well, you still have a few months ahead and you still can make it. This year you can get your skin to the top of the class! For this assignment you are due to create a skincare routine that you will follow through all year round. For extra credits you have to actually do it!

As we know that your schedule is about to get hectic and you will be full of classes, exams, homework, extracurriculars and social activities, we decided to create a short -yet effective- skincare routine that will help you to keep your skin flawless without wasting your precious time.

Let’s begin:


This is a must! Cleansing your skin in the morning and at night will help you to purify and hydrate your skin. Depending on your skin type and preferences you can choose a creamy, milky-gel or liquid cleanser. Whatever is your choice, cleanse your skin every single day!

TIP: You can get face cleanser wipes, they are easy to carry and very handy for those who stay super active all day.



After washing your face in the morning, apply a lightweight hydrating and nourishing moisturizer. This will give your skin a longer-lasting hydration. Also use it before you go to bed and after removing all your makeup.

Simple Light Moisturiser


Our sunny days might be numbered by now but that does not mean that those UV rays are gone along with our sun kissed skin tone. Unfortunately those rays are here to stay, all year long. Using products with SPF will help your skin to avoid premature aging! You can read more benefits of using SPF in this article.



With the Autumn approaching and the changing weather, you need to remember that the skin on your lips is super thin, and more prone to dryness, compared to other areas of your skin. A good lip balm will do wonders for your lips and protect them from the wind and cold temperatures. You will find lip balms in many shapes, sizes and flavours, and are small to carry so you can apply them wherever you are and whenever you need.

Burt's Bee Lip Balm


Whenever you face sleepless nights, the stress that comes with assignments, and you feel like your skin is looking dull, you can use a brightening serum to bring it back to life! You can use as well Vitamin C, which will help to reduce the appearance of under-eye circles. And the great news is that it’s safe for most skin types.

you may


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