About Us

two sisters, a recurring problem, a global solution.

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Where did it all begin?

So, let’s step back to May 2017, to when The Beauty Buddy was born. Two sisters, Tracy & Wendy, were out shopping together (a rare occurrence). Other than Wendy needing a new makeup brush for her foundation, they planned to spend their time browsing through the stores.

“Deciding to buy the brush first, (to get it out of the way) we found ourselves stumped when we faced a wall with over 100 different types of brushes. Suddenly this simple task seemed a lot more complicated. So, we thought we’d ask for some assistance instead of answers we got questions. What type of foundation did Wendy have? Powder? Liquid? Cream? What kind of hairs would she like? Natural? Synthetic? What shape brush did she like? What colour handle? What?”

There were a few giggles, especially when Wendy picked up a brush that looked like it was better suited to cleaning dishes than applying make-up! They did pick up a few brushes and tried to read the 3pt font unsuccessfully (should have brought their specs).

The inspiration!

“So, the makeup brushes we were looking at weren’t cheap, so out came our phones and we googled makeup brushes, as you do. However, we were continuously redirected to e-commerce sites selling brushes, none of them providing the information we needed to pick a suitable brush. After a few frustrating minutes we gave up and went for coffee (well tea but everyone says ‘going for a coffee’).“

While sitting there Wendy said, “Imagine if you could just scan the product and get all the information you needed to decide if it was what you were looking for appeared on the screen!”.

“Imagine…” said Tracy. That was the moment The Beauty Buddy was born.

The journey so far

Beauty Buddy would not exist without the dedication of it’s Co-Founders and their drive to build an Irish company with global ambition. Wendy and Tracy took every opportunity to participate in and learn from programmes such as New Frontiers, NDRC/PorterShed, Enterprise Ireland led training, Google Adopt a Startup, DCU Ryan Academy Female High-Fliers and the AIB Growth Academy. Each step bringing them closer to launching Beauty Buddy.


Our Vision

Our vision for Beauty Buddy is to be the go to app for all things Beauty & Cosmetic. A trusted place for product reviews from your cohort of friends and followers. A place you can get relevant product recommendations based on Beauty Buddies reviews with the same skin profiles as you. A place to Discover, Review and Decide.

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