What can you do with the App?

The Beauty Buddy is a progressive web app. It allows you to scan the barcode of a beauty or cosmetic product and then it displays all the relevant information you need to know about that product including reviews, tutorials and directions of use. There are other benefits and features and we can't wait to share the app with you.

The problem!

So, let’s step back to last year, May 2017 to be precise, to where The Beauty Buddy began. Two sisters Wendy & Tracy were out shopping. Other than Wendy needing a new makeup brush for her foundation, they planned to browse around the stores. They decided to buy the brush first. Faced with a wall of over 100 different types of brushes this simple task became complicated. What type of foundation did Wendy have? What kind of hairs would she like? What shape should the brush be? What colour handle? What? There were a few giggles, especially when Wendy picked up a brush that looked like it was better suited to cleaning dishes than applying make-up! They did pick up a few brushes and tried to read the 3pt font unsuccessfully.

The inspiration!

They weren’t cheap, so out came the phones and they googled makeup brushes. However, they were directed to e-commerce sites selling brushes, none of them providing the information they needed to make an informed decision. After a few frustrating minutes they gave up and went for coffee, no point in wasting money on the wrong brush. As they were sitting there Wendy said, “Imagine if you could just scan the product and get all the information you needed to decide if it was what you were looking for appeared on the screen!”. “Imagine…” said Tracy. That was the moment The Beauty Buddy was born.

What's next?

So, where are we at? Well, The Beauty Buddy is in the hands of 1500+ consumers. We want them to break it before we release it to the masses! We have so many Beauty & Cosmetic Brands on board already and we are adding product data every single day.

If you like we can let you know when the app is officially available. It won't be long now! Just register your Username and we will be in touch! #excited #lovemakeup #feelgood

Love & lipstick

The Beauty Buddy Team

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